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I always wanted to grow up to be a Muppet.

My heroes are Walter E. Disney, Robbert Goddard, and Jim Henson.

Looks like I'm going to be re-blogging photos from other people quite often. If you'd like me to stop, please let me know.

If you follow me for long, you'll notice I like bare feet and naked soles. I'm attempting to get more comfortable with and embrace the term fetish. So, I have a foot fetish. But, I love the naked female form in all of it's shapes and sizes.

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"You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?""Yes Santa""You can have everything in my sack"


"You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?"

"Yes Santa"

"You can have everything in my sack"

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Delia - Itty Bitty


Some days I feel littler than others. 


More pictures from bodysigns the other night! It was just so much fun, and I’m such a fan of Spirted Away and Miyazaki so it was extra nice. I wanted to share some with the nicer camera, hope you enjoy them!

Obediently waiting.

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I have a million pictures of my bodysigns session last night (that’s where you guys claim parts of my body and tell me what to draw on myself) but I will just share these with you now!

Spirited Away/Miyazaki theme!: Haku, No Face, and some Dust Bunnies all down my left side thanks to Hapa.

Tim’s hand on my ass. Oh baby!

A filigree heart for MsDonkey. <3



Kaylee Pond the Artist!

My absolute favorite shows of all are her body art nights on MFC. She is an absolute talent! I can’t wait to request art for her to create, it can be such a wonderful collaboration. I look forward to it every month.

The fleeting nature of body art makes it a special event. It’s like watching performance art.

My mind is blown every time. Not only is she sexy as hell she is so creative. Phenomenal!

Thank you SO much Hapa, what kinds words and SO sweet of you to share screenshots! You make it so much more fun by requesting such WONDERFUL things!


When you blow me, I’m gonna spurt all over those awesome tits!!

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More fun with lights!