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I always wanted to grow up to be a Muppet.

My heroes are Walter E. Disney, Robbert Goddard, and Jim Henson.

Looks like I'm going to be re-blogging photos from other people quite often. If you'd like me to stop, please let me know.

If you follow me for long, you'll notice I like bare feet and naked soles. I'm attempting to get more comfortable with and embrace the term fetish. So, I have a foot fetish. But, I love the naked female form in all of it's shapes and sizes.

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I love her expressions.

Add this to your list
of things you should be thinking about.

I love her expressions.


Add this to your list

of things you should be thinking about.


Beata C. from Met-Art.com

Beautiful parts; gorgeous combination; but the overall effect is almost ruined by a horrible choice in hair color.  It’s hard for a brown-eyed girl to fake being a redhead especially when you use Bozo The Clown’s Red Hair Dye.


Mendacia - Terrible Love

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Dry-Aged to Perfection

Model: unidentified

Photographer: Benjamen McGuire, aka Cspine

Image posted with photographer’s expressed written consent. All correspondence kept on file. Please do not remove credits.


Bodysigns from last night! Things got a bit smudged at this point but oh man what a spectacularly fun time!! Thanks guys so much!

EDIT: Since I’ve gotten a few asks and things, whenever you see any body art pictures they are pretty much always done by me during my live show! People tip to request what I draw and where and it is delightful. Drawing upside-down and backwards is a unique sort of fun, haha.


What is it they say

about fat-bottomed girls again?


Daddy says I’m going to be

cumming to a new special word

but until he tells me what it is

I only get to edge over and over

until all I can do is squeeze my legs together

and hope I don’t cum without permission.

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Pillow grinding

Hmmmm… girls will be girls.

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