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I always wanted to grow up to be a Muppet.

My heroes are Walter E. Disney, Robbert Goddard, and Jim Henson.

Looks like I'm going to be re-blogging photos from other people quite often. If you'd like me to stop, please let me know.

If you follow me for long, you'll notice I like bare feet and naked soles. I'm attempting to get more comfortable with and embrace the term fetish. So, I have a foot fetish. But, I love the naked female form in all of it's shapes and sizes.

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This is probably one of the most comfortable harnesses I’ve been in. My Mistress is becoming a great rigger and I love how she lifts me up. :D

I need to go up in this!

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Photographer Dave Brosha writes:

"Live Every Day Like It’s Your First"

An image from a photoshoot this morning as part of my upcoming “Framed Ink” ebook which features a series of portraits I’ve taken over the past three years celebrating the art form of ink and the personal stories behind the ink (watch in the coming week as I post regular blogs leading up to the launch of this ebook over on my publisher’s blog at http://www.oopoomoo.com/blog/ ).

This is Robyn, whose elaborate back tattoo has great meaning to her. The scene on her back was inspired from Robyn’s reading of a series of stories by Canadian author Charles de Lint, that featured “these two crows, and these crows were around from the time the Creator made the earth. They find the world so exciting and exhilarating but the only way that they can handle the idea of immortality and being around since the beginning of time is to to live every single day like it’s their first day on Earth….I (personally) was living every single day like it was my last day on Earth. If you do that, you make unwise choices….but if you live every day like it’s your first day on Earth then everything’s new and exciting and to be explored…and that’s a better way to live.”

As I was setting up for this shoot the most incredible thing happened: it was almost as if nature was responding to the photoshoot…a giant flock of ravens took to the skies - around 25 or 30 of them - and they circled around the entire time we were photographing (which was a very brief 15 minutes seeing that Robyn’s…well, bare….and it was a balmy -42C windchill.

CdL here: I especially liked that the the ravens showed up to help with the shoot.

This first appeared on Brosha’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153590160550007&set=a.10153541908480007.1073741840.78144910006&type=1&theater 


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"You really have been well trained.”


"You really have been well trained.


My thighs used to be fat. I’d call them that. I’ve spent 18 months squatting with a heavy bar. Deadlifting. Lifting heavy things and skating. 

My legs aren’t fat. They are thick. Built of muscle. Full of potential. 


Today…before making porn. Click through to my blog that has a mini set.